Comment review from my customer 😍🥰😘

Comment review from my customer 😍🥰😘

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Just came to the KLcc neighborhood to do things, think about whether to go to Massage B2b to liberate a bit, after doing things to see there is still time to hurry to fly over to see if there is any luck to see Mandy Thailand, because look at the group seems to see that there are newcomers, rare ah, usually have been in the group to keep an eye on the rare to come to the new girl must go to give it a try. It happens to be afternoon time, there are fewer people, Mandy has free time, directly took the small package.

She held my hand and took me into the room, to the small room, told me to take off my clothes and pants, she began to help me wash my face mask. Then my brother are clean, it is her turn to shyly put her blouse to take off, revealing the shape of the beautiful face shot shallow, I did not expect people small also quite material, and then I appreciate while stroking. But touching her little butt when and look at her let her feel very shy.

She began to use her mouth to serve my brother, and I was not shy to grab her tits, playing with my sister's tits while watching her help me with her mouth. When my hand got close to my sister's bottom, she stopped it too, so she didn't continue exploring.

Mouth to half of the time I pulled her to do on my lap I have been caressing her whole body and play her milk, her milk is very sensitive, just a simple tease The mouth just touched her milk when the body has been shaking, has been she sat on my legs so very can feel she is very sensitive. I have asked her if she can breastfeed, she directly asked me to stand up, and then he squatted down position to help me breastfeed a bit, because she said she this position is more difficult, so I do not force, at least have tried to satisfy.

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