According to the definition, vaginal intercourse is when the male penis penetrates the woman’s vagina. To this day, in some places people still talk about “normal” intercourse, which leads many people to think that other forms of sex are not “real” sex. But this is nonsense — what is normal for you, you decide yourself. 

By the way, vaginal intercourse is also when you as a woman have a partner who penetrates you with a dildo or strap-on. Here, no penis penetrates you, but the stimulation still takes place vaginally. 

In some religions, such as Christianity, vaginal intercourse was considered marriage consummation — in the Middle Ages, it even had to be witnessed or proven. Fortunately, today couples can spend their wedding night quite relaxed and, above all, just the two of them… 

Existential is the vaginal intercourse for reproduction in mammals: The friction of the penis in the vagina triggers ejaculation and the sperm make their way towards the cervix. 


How to have vaginal sex 

There are lots of different ways to have sex. Different people enjoy different things, and what you try out is up to you.   

For great, pleasurable sex, you and your partner need to talk about what feels good and what you both want. Talking about sex helps you make decisions together and is the best way to make sure you both feel comfortable and enjoy it!  

If you are having sex, it’s important to think about how you will prevent sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. There are different options for this including condoms, Prep and different types of long-lasting contraception.   

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